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‘Moment Putin Trumps The Donald’: How Russian Leader’s Estimated $200 BILLION Fortune Dwarfs The U.S. President’s $3.7 Billion!!

Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President Donald Trump share an adoration for private streams and have many properties over the world.

While Putin allegedly made his riches through interests in oil and natural gas, Trump says he made his ‘the way it was done in the good ‘old days’, and through real estate investments.

But there’s one major difference between the two men’s wealth: Estimates of Putin’s net worth reach upwards of $200billion, while Trump, who boats a large fortune, is estimated to be worth far less – $3billion.

Despite saying on the campaign trail last year that he was worth ‘in excess of $10billion’, two other estimates have put Trump’s real net worth far lower.

Forbes estimated last year that Trump is worth $3.7billion, while Bloomberg put his net worth at $2.9billion.

Bloomberg found that Trump’s total debt, primarily from bank loans, rose from $350million in 2015 to $630million in 2016.


The official richest man in the world, according to Forbes, is Microsoft’s Bill Gates with a net worth of $75billion.

Trump said before his inauguration that he would hand over ‘complete and total control’ of his global business empire to his two oldest sons, Donald Jr and Eric, to avoid conflict of interest during his presidency.

His lawyers also said that he would hand over profits that his hotels earn from foreign governments to the US treasury.

Still, however, Trump is the founder, president and chairman, of the Trump Organization, which owns resorts, residential buildings and golf courses across the world.


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