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“Whatever It Takes”: Runner Dives to Win A Race, His Opponent Very Angry (Video)

A runner left everything on the track in a spectacular final at the SEC’s 2019 Track and Field Championships this weekend. Infinite Tucker, a junior at Texas A & M University, is the SEC’s 400-meter hurdles champion after being completely “Superman” to the finish line in a tight race on Saturday.

After crossing all the obstacles, Tucker and his team-mate Robert Grant were close to each other as the championship race drew to a close. Once the finish line was close enough, Tucker dived his arms and beat Grant through the nose. The New York native fell to the ground, but won a gold medal for his last-second jump.

He says he is happy and proud even if his opponent is angry.

“Honestly, I’m happy to have won and faced the best. My teammates and I worked hard for that and won. I am happy and grateful for that, “said Tucker.

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