What Your Urine Color Says About Your Health

Urine is the liquid by-product of the body secreted by the kidneys and excreted through the urethra. The urine removes excess water and wastes filtered from the blood by the kidney.

Toxins and other water soluble substances that could be harmful to the body are gotten rid of through the urine. Thus, the urine can be described as one of the body’s waste disposal process. With many people knowing urine is a waste product, not much attention is given to it. The moment it is being discharged from the outlet, not as much as a glance is cast in that direction. What people fail to know is that the color, the smell and the frequency with which they urinate give important clues about the things happening inside the body. It is not strange when tests are being conducted on the urine to diagnose patients. This is because most of the foods and drinks consumed reflect in the urine.

The urine color ranges from being transparent to dark yellow and brown color. It should be known that the food eaten sometimes changes the color of the urine. Therefore, there is no need to panic with color changes in urine. Below are some urine colors and what they say about your health.

1. Transparent Or Colorless

Your urine is transparent or colorless when you drink a lot of water.

2. Pale color

This shows you are healthy and everything is fine inside you. It shows you are well hydrated. Pale color of urine could also mean you are on diuretic; a substance that promotes the production of urine. It forces the body to get rid of unneeded water and salt.

3. Transparent Yellow

With this urine color, you are normal. The yellow color of the urine is as a result of a pigment called Urochrome. Transparent yellow color of urine is similar to pale color in that it gives one a sense of normalcy with the body system.


4. Dark Yellow

This color of urine could be normal. It shows there is high concentration of Urochrome in that urine. Little water intake often makes the urine darker as the urochrome is undiluted. Drinking lots of water could help make the urine clearer in color. However, if the color doesn’t change after drinking water, it could be a sign something is wrong. A medical check-up would ease off the tension.

5. Brown Ale

This color of urine indicates the body is dehydrated. On the other hand, it could be a sign of something more serious like a liver problem. Drinking more water should sort the dehydration problem while seeing a doctor would guide one on the next step to be taken if indeed it is something serious.

6. Reddish Color

This urine color shows the presence of blood. It could be a symptom of many things; a kidney disease, urinary tract infections, tumors and other things. The best thing to do is to see a doctor for immediate medical attention. Sometimes the intake of some food could affect the color of the urine and make kit reddish.

7. Cloudy Urine

Cloudy urine indicates the presence of phosphate. If this becomes regular, then it could result in kidney stone disease. Cloudy urine says there is an infection especially when it occurs frequently.

8. Orange Color

This is a rare urine color; but if seen, it means a lot of vitamin C or orange foods like carrots have been taken. Dark orange color of urine indicates there is bile in that system especially if no orange food was consumed. The doctor should be seen immediately for proper tests.

Some drugs, laxatives, chemotherapy treatment drugs could make the urine darker than normal.



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