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What Your Hand Sizes Reveal About Your Personality

Everyone knows that palm lines can help in predicting one’s future and gives a lot of detail regarding our horoscope but have you ever imagined that the size of your hand or palm can also reveal a lot about you and your overall personality? If you want to know more about your personality using this approach then you must be aware of this fact- Your hand is made up of 27 bones, 29 joints, and 123 ligaments, which enhances the grip, gesturing and investigation.

Now to start the test first measure the size of your hands.
Place your right hand’s thumb and middle finger on your left arm and calculate the arm length (Between elbow and wrist). If you’re able to reach up till your wrist in one palm distance then your hand is small otherwise large in size.
What do smaller hands reveal?

• These people are generally adventurous, impulsive and extrovert in nature. Due to this attitude, you often create problems for yourself.

• You possess analytical abilities which help you in solving your problems easily and you are practical in nature.

• Your personal relationship is much more dramatic.

What do larger hands reveal?

• You are born perfectionists and have good observing capabilities.

• You are very punctual in nature and dedicated towards your work.

• Generally, you have an impulsive nature but sometimes you may overreact to small criticisms.

What does the size of your palm speaks?


• If you are having a square palm then it means you are very wise and practical in nature.

It also predicts that you are a good mathematician and resolves your problem in a logical manner.

• Those who comprise of a rectangular shape palm have an impulsive personality and listen to themselves.

• Someone whose heart line is very clear means that the person should involve in that stuff which boosts them up.

• Life-line explains that the longer the line is the more stamina a person has.

What does the size of finger indicate?

• People comprising of long fingers are very much curious in nature.

• People with short fingers possess good leadership qualities.

• The distance between the little finger and the ring finger indicates trust issues.

• A bent on the topmost side of a finger indicates that you are concerned with doing the right thing.

• A longer index finger indicates respect is a big motivation for you.

• A longer ring finger highlights the fact that you seek applause.


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