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What to Look for When Renting in Lagos

Renting a property can seem overwhelming if you’re not overly familiar with the area where you’ll soon be living. Even if you are already a local, you might not have rented for a while and if so, you’ll likely be unsure of what is available. To help you get the property that suits you and your family, these are the best tips on what you should keep an eye on when renting in Lagos, Nigeria.


  1. Speak with the landlord

In any rental situation, it’s a good idea to get on good terms with your future landlord. In Lagos, it is quite common for landowners to live close to their rental properties, so this point is even more pertinent to you.


When you first meet the landlord, find out what they expect from you, and let them know if you have any concerns about the property. Get off to a good start to help maintain a genuine, open relationship that is in both of your interests. Try to take the time to get to know them and get a feel for how they treat their renters so that you know what to expect moving forward.


  1. Choose a place close to the essentials

Naturally, the essentials vary from person to person. You might want to be close to a certain school, for example, or want an apartment close to your workplace.

Why is this important? Because transport can cost quite a bit of money in Lagos. So, you should ideally choose a place that’s within walking distance, or at most within a few stops. This point is as important for your financial well-being as it is for your mental health.



  1. Get to know the neighbourhood

For people who are new to the city of Lagos, they might not know the areas are yet to understand what each one has to offer for housing, shops, and more. Even if you have lived in Lagos for a long time, you likely won’t know what every area is like, how safe each is, the noise levels, and other important points.

Therefore, it’s recommended that you find apartments for rent in Lagos from a reputable site to get the best option available. Try to visit the property during the day and at night to determine if it’s a neighborhood you’d like to live in.


  1. Don’t hesitate to give the property a thorough check

Remember that you might end up living for years in this place, so you want to make sure it is safe and well-kept before investing money in it. Some first-time renters are embarrassed to snoop around and properly check the property, but this step totally makes sense when you think about it.

After all, you are paying rent and deserve to get a place that you find comfortable. If your landlord protests about you wanting to do an inspection, it might indicate they are hiding something. Look out for their response and act accordingly.


  1. Consider additional costs

Where you live will determine not only the safety levels of your home but also your living expenses. Everything from utilities to gyms, restaurants, and even stores can be more expensive in certain, pricier areas of Lagos.

So, when considering your finances, make sure to get a rough estimate of the living expenses in that specific location.



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