What Really Inspires The Hairstyles Of The First Lady Of Cameroon? … Citizens give their opinions

It’s been more than two decades since the first lady Chantal Biya opted for hairstyles where she wears a good amount of locks on her head. In so styling, the first lady ensures that the locks are in large quantities so that they become bushy on his head, as is the case of this hairstyle image.

This model of hairdressing adopted by Chantal Biya is regularly the subject of debate within the fair sex. For some women, the hairstyles of the first lady of Cameroon are very weird. Most of Chantal Biya’s hairstyles are cumbersome hairstyles, “she chokes on her hair,” affirms Marguérite, a senior executive assistant, in a restaurant.



Other women on social networks, even go so far as to say that “the first lady of Cameroon does not have a professional service to look after her look as first lady. Even his advisors do not help him make the right haircut choices. ”

On the other hand, for some women, especially those of the Rassemblement démocratique du peuple Camerounais (CPDM), “tastes and colors are not discussed”. The first lady has opted for a model of responsible hairdressing, which does not show too much the importance of the difference in age between her and her husband. “If Chantal Biya opted for simpler hairstyles, she would be much too young compared to her husband.” says one of them.

On top of that, “every woman has her own tastes and colors that make her a singular and different person.” This is undoubtedly the case of the first Cameroonian lady.

“That the hairstyles of the first lady of Cameroon are of the taste or not of the other ladies, the important thing is that she feels fulfilled and happy in the aesthetic orientation which it presents to the other ladies,” adds another .


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