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What Is It With Presidents And Gray- Ex U.S President Barack Obama Speaks Out!

When asked by a member of the press recently about his steadily graying hair, President Obama blamed the color change on his genes rather than the stress of his job.

“My grandfather was gray by the time he was 29. … So I figured it was going to come. It just happened to coincide with the presidency,” Obama said

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While it may sound like he’s just playing it cool, biologists say that Obama’s statement is mostly true: Heredity is the dominant factor controlling the graying process. In fact, the 50-year-old President’s genes are typical

 However, experts disagree on whether stress takes a toll on your tresses, too.

Though the details remain fuzzy, the basic theory of graying holds that hairs turn gray as the follicles where they grow get older, and, gradually, fall out-of-whack. Follicles undergo 10 to 30 reproductive cycles during a person’s lifetime, and in each subsequent stage, they produce less of an enzyme called catalase.


Catalase is important because it breaks down another chemical that is also naturally produced by cells inside hair follicles: hydrogen peroxide — the same stuff that “peroxide blondes” use to whiten their coiffures.

“Look at the hair of the young folks in Egypt or Libya (on either side of those conflicts) or of that poor young Israeli soldier. Not gray despite horrific ‘stress,'” Weissmann told Life’s Little Mysteries. “Genes, genes, genes, I’m afraid, are the answer.”

There is a connection between stress and graying. This phenomenon was described in particular during the Second World War with soldiers who had sudden graying or even overnight graying,” Slominski said.

Though such anecdotal evidence suggests that stress does somehow turn hair gray, “the mechanism is unclear,” Slominski said, noting that it may be a different process than age-induced graying (as described above).  University of Luebeck, has hypothesized that stress hormones may lead to the production of free radicals. These in turn may damage melanocytes — the pigment-producing cells in hair follicles that give hair its color.

Stress is well-known to affect other bodily processes, such as suppressing the immune system, causing digestive problems and raising blood pressure.

Then the plausible conclusion is Presidency is not all jokes then.. Even the body takes of its demands..


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