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What Happens To “e9”, Samuel Eto’o’s Sports Accessory Brand? – Details Inside….

Gabriel Pascal Nyemeg Nlend


Come back “e9”! Disappeared from the circulation since, the brand of sports accessories of the footballer Samuel Eto’o is still delayed to be on the market.

Launched in 2014, the brand “e9” had buzzed.

Its initiator Gabriel Pascal Nyemeg Nlend did not lack ambitions. “It is a project I have created to honor Samuel Eto’o for all he has done for Africa in general and Cameroon in particular. Defining that one can start from the lowest level, that is, from suffering and find oneself where he is today. It is a good example. As the brand’s slogan says, “Every effort deserves a reward,” he said at the time.  Quickly, the young student begins to have requests.

“People would write to me from everywhere to find out when they could dispose of the items,” Gabriel recalled.
Student in Turkey, the young designer presented his work to the former captain of the Indomitable Lions. “When he saw me, he recognized me because I was dressed in the mark. He said to me: “but my little one, it’s you who market my brand without telling me about it”, explains the young student.

Gabriel finally finds a way to explain his project. “No, Great!” I had just done a market research to see what that could give and that’s why I came. I told him about the project. He told me to wait and he was going to make a decision for this project. So since then, I’m waiting, “explains Gabriel Pascal Nyemeg Nlend.
But since then, the product is still not available on the market. A slowness that causes people to ask questions. In an interview with La Tribune Afrique, the initiator of the project gave some explanations.

“You know, these are people who are very busy. They have diaries not easy to manage. It is like a President of the Republic, they are not easy to get. You have to go left and right. We’re trying to knock on doors, but they’re closed, “says Gabriel.
Despite the strong demand and the messages of the fans of the star, the young student prohibits any new production or marketing without the authorization of Samuel Eto’o.

“Already it’s his image and it’s a big brother that I respect, so I can not act against his will. So I stay in my place and I wait for him to react. My goal is to immortalize the name of Samuel Eto’o through this brand.
Somewhere like that a great personality like him no longer belongs only to the field of football.But let it also refer to a brand, “he explains.

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