What Happened To The Strong Black Father Figure?

During the 1970s there was a very popular TV show that all African Americans loved. The show was about a poor Black family living in a housing project on the South Side of Chicago. But what made the show so very enjoyable to watch (in my opinion) was the fact that there was a “Strong, Black Father Figure” in the home who loved his family and who was indeed in total command and authority over the trials and tribulations, as well as the struggles they were to overcome as an under-privileged family living in the projects.

Actor John Amos was very talented in his role as a “Strong Black Father Figure” who although poor, portrayed a man of pride, honor, virtue, honesty and integrity. He also loved his Afro wearing wife and all of his children; including his oldest son J.J. who was the somewhat very immature, buffoonish comedian of the family. This Black father refused to let society’s woes entrap and discourage him and his beloved family!!! For those of you who are unaware of the show I’m making reference to, the name of the show was called……. 
                                                   Good Times!

The show’s tragedy was that Hollywood once again reared its ugly head and stepped in and destroyed this “Strong Black Father image“. Unfortunately, James Evans Sr’s character was removed from the show because of the shows producers, writers and directors growing emphasis on the “silly buffoonery” of the elder son; played by professional comedian Jimmy Walker.
florida evans of good times
So as a result and in stereotypical fashion, James Evans Sr’s character of a “Strong Black Father Figure” and role model was killed in the show and their family became the now proverbial “Single Mother, African American Household”.
And by the way, it is no coincidence that this occurred during the 1970’s just when Feminism was taking root in American society, therefore the role of “Strong Black Father Figure” quickly became obsolete and was seen as being totally “out of character” according to those who control Hollywood.

This TV show was the first and only “real African American family that had been portrayed in all realness since the television was invented in the 1950s!!!!

Why was the “Strong Black Father Figure” removed from one of America’s most realistic, popular African American sitcoms? Was it just another ploy to destroy the Strong Black Father image in America while at the same time promoting Feminism within the African American Community?


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