What Does Your Type of Hair Reveal About Your Personality – Expert Explains

Apart from your facial features and physical appearance, your hairs are another most attractive part of yours which you possess. It is another feature which is noticed by people on the first look. Hairstyles have been changed drastically over the past few years along with the perception of society. For instance, a man with long hairs was least accepted by society during earlier times, but the situation has reversed now. This was proved based on a study conducted in a college during 1978. Another observation made was, a man with a beard is accepted more positively than a clean shaved man. Another study was based on hair colour and it has been observed that dark-haired men preferred brunette women. Choice of blonde men was either brunette or blonde whereas red-headed women will always prefer for dark-haired men while blondes who are un-naturally blondes has no specific preference for blonde or brunette men.
Here is certain hair related traits are mentioned and how they are perceived by society is also given. Just have a look.

Straight, Wavy or Curly
• Those people who possess curly hairs are more fun-loving, wild, exhilarating and energetic.
• Those who possess wavy hairs are fun-loving, creative personalities. They are dreamers with high imaginative powers. They are also physically active.
• People with straight hairs are sophisticated, elegant, peaceful and friendly.
Natural or Processed
• People with natural hairs are exceptional and progressive. This is a real fact especially for women with turning grey hairs. There is a perception that such elderly women will colour their hairs to look younger. It’s been popular for men too.
• If you opt for colouring, straightening or transforming it for a perfect look then such people are perceived as a perfectionist.


Simply Wash and Go or Style It
• Those people who style their hair for a perfect finish by straightening/curling etc. for achieving an artificial transformed appearance such people are patient, governed and cares about others perception.
• If you are completely reverse in nature and simply prefer wash and go then you are friendly and can accompany anyone on a short notice. You are casual, relaxed and easy-going.

Loose or Tied
• If you loosen your hair downwards or in braids form then it indicates that you prefer to control command and organization. Such people are light-hearted and cheerful.
• Those people who prefer buns or ponytail are usually restricted in a corporate world.

Hair Colour
Blonde, red, brown, black or silver. Every colour has its own unique meaning. Check it out-
• Red: Passionate, erotic, cheerful, sociable, unreliable, and unique.
• Blonde: Fun-loving, daring, attractive, sexy, outgoing, and physically active.
• Brown: Introvert, calm, clever, kind, humorous, and successful
• Black: Exotic, sensual, quick-witted, charming, and smart
• Silver: Brainy, brave, powerful, successful, and confident

Thick or Fine
• Those who possess fine hairs have to work much harder on their hairs to bring out some volume. Such people are patient.
• Those who possess thick hairs are completely reverse of them. They are impatient.


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  1. What did the study say about the personality of blacks who mutilate their hair into white styles? I found this article dim witted and irrelevant for this site. But glad I read it for the insight into the mentality of writers for HowAfrica.

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