“We’ll Go To Paradise As Martyrs”: Vladimir Putin’s Appalling Statements At Club Valdaï

At the 15th annual meeting of the Valdai Discussion Club, Vladimir Putin answered the journalists’ questions. The opportunity for the Russian President to deliver some powerful sentences of which he has the secret.

Russian President Vladimir Putin participated in the Sochi October 18th at the 15th annual meeting of the Valdai Discussion Club . Answering the questions of the journalists, he evoked several current topics. 

They will simply die without having the time to repent

It is on the question of a possible use of the atomic weapon that the Russian president delivered his most striking formula. “Russia will use nuclear weapons only when it is convinced that a potential aggressor will attack it,” said the Russian president, recalling that Russia did not conceive of a preemptive strike, but only a riposte . “If we are victims of aggression, we will go to paradise as martyrs and they will simply die, without even having time to repent,” he said, causing laughter from the crowd.

I do not get tired

Asked about the relatively tense relations between Russia and the United States, the Russian president could not help but tell a joke he is accustomed to: “Question: how do you relax? Answer: I do not get tired. The opportunity for the Russian head of state to emphasize that Russian-American relations, however tense, “do not tire anyone and do not create problems for others”.


Why should I be scared?

Asked by the moderator of the event about his own responsibilities, Vladimir Putin, again, did not go to extremes. “Are you scared?” He asked. “Why should I be scared?”, The president was surprised. And the moderator to explain that Vladimir Putin was according to him, alongside Xi Jinping and Donald Trump, “one of the three responsible people of the world”. “No, I’m not afraid,” concluded the head of state.

A country with such a territory, with a population ready to give its life to the homeland, nobody can do anything against him

“What are we afraid of? You’re welcome ! We are not afraid of anything at all. A country with such a territory, with a population ready to give its life to the homeland, no one can do anything against it, “continued the Russian president. He added that thanks to the powerful army and patriotism of its citizens, Russia could feel calm. “We have gone well beyond this, it is obvious that the experts confirm, all our partners and our competitors, so to speak, in this area”, he assured, before stating: “No one has hypersonic weapon of high precision; some plan to test one in a year and a half or two, and here we are in service. It’s a modern high tech weapon, in that sense we’re confident. “


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