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‘We’ll Be Waiting For You At Davos,’ Mugabe’s Nephew Warns Mnangagwa

Robert Mugabe’s nephew says he plans to travel to Davos, Switzerland to thwart efforts by President Emmerson Mnangagwa to lure investors to Zimbabwe.

In a blog post published on New Zimbabwe website, Patrick Zhuwao described Mnangagwa as an “economic predator” who he claimed wanted to “hoodwink” participants at the World Economic Forum meeting in the Swiss resort town.

Patrick Zhuwao (Via Facebook)

Patrick Zhuwao (Via Facebook)


“Only EDiots will become prey to this economic predator,” wrote Zhuwao, playing on Mnangagwa’s intials, ED.

He said Mnangagwa was “coming here to Davos so that he can find takers for the resources that they have captured from Zimbabweans”.

Zhuwao, who has been in exiled since the military takeover in November that removed his uncle from power, said he planned to expose Mnangagwa and his delegation, who have travelled to Davos to engage with top global investors.


“ED’s primary objective at Davos is the recruitment of more EDiots who will be conned and deprived of their wealth and resources. He will find #2018Resistance waiting for him there; working the conference behind the scenes,” said Zhuwao. #2018Resistance is a term coined by Zhuwao to protest Mnangagwa’s rise to power.

Zhuwao was a member of the G40 faction of the ruling Zanu-PF that backed former first lady Grace Mugabe to take over from her husband. Until the November 15 takeover that installed Mnangagwa as president, G40 had the upper hand within the ruling party.

Mnangagwa is understood to be travelling with top government officials, including the central bank chief and cabinet ministers. Members of the private sector are also part of the delegation.

Last week the president said he would tell investors in Davos that Zimbabwe was open for business and that their investments would be safe.

Before the takeover in November, Zhuwao was a minister of labour and social welfare. Before that, his spell as indigenisation minister was marred by threats he made to shut down local commercial banks if they failed to comply with a controversial indigenisation law.


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