Do You Wear A Bra When You Sleep? Read This!

The problem regarding whether it’s better to sleep with or without a bra has been present for ages. Hence, the opinions are divided. Either way, each side has their reasons related with both myths and reasonable facts. At the end, it is up to women to decide which option is more comfortable for them.

Before making a decision, it is crucial to know which information is real and which isn’t. Take a look at the two most common reasons for wearing or not wearing a bra at night while sleeping.

People who believe that women shouldn’t wear a bra while sleeping is based on the claim that a bra makes the breast constricted, leaves marks on the body, and could cause clogging of the lymph node which can increase the chances of breast cancer. On the other hand, some claim that women should wear a bra while sleeping to prevent sagging.


According to health experts, the first claim is only a myth. Medically speaking, the lymph nodes in the underarms work to naturally filter the breast or lymph fluid and to prevent infection, cancer, as well as other foreign materials from disrupting the system. There is no evidence pointing out that wearing a bra during sleep can cause a blockage in the pathway of the lymph nodes. Therefore, this immediately disputes the claim that wearing a bra at night increases the risk of breast cancer.

When it comes to the claim that breast sagging can be prevented if women wear a bra while sleeping, it’s also not scientifically backed-up. In fact, breast sagging is more associated with genetics, age, and pregnancy and breastfeeding.

It is recommendable that women with a C size or above wear bras with soft cups so that they prevent the sagging of the breasts. On the other hand, women, who wear a smaller size, have no benefit from wearing a bra at night.

All in all, wearing a bra while sleeping doesn’t increase the chances of breast cancer nor it will prevent breast sagging. It’s up to you to choose the most suitable option. If you decide to wear a bra while sleeping, always choose bras from natural fiber and soft cups that are pleasant to wear and can support your breasts properly.


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