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We Need Evidence to Show that the Herbal Drink in Madagascar Can Cure COVID-19 – Dr. Chitalu Chilufya

We need evidence to show that the herbal drink in Madagascar can cure COVID-19
Today the minister of Health Dr. Chitalu Chilufya was asked a question concerning the herb drink in Madagascar which was curing COVID-19.

Instead of saying that we are following development in Madagascar and if possible we would like to conduct research using the same herbal drink, the minister was quick to close the door.

Like always with us Africans the black people we have a mind-set of pull him down!
We are a people that do not encourage each other nor take up where the other one has left off in terms of research and development.


One thing for sure if this herbal drink was produced in western countries, you would have seen a positive response from the minister without questioning nor insisting for evidence whether the herbal drink is able to cure or not.


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