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“We Love Robert Mugabe But It’s High Time For Him To Step Down” — South Africa’s Malema!!

South Africa’s EFF party leader, Julius Malema believes it’s time President Mugabe steps down as president.

Julius Malema, the leader of the EFF although he’s a friend of Mugabe has advised the nonagenarian president to step down.

“We love Robert Mugabe for who he is, although we accept it’s time for him to step down,” the EFF leader told crowds gathered in Soweto on Wednesday.

The EFF held a memorial service for the late revolutionary, Fidel Castro on Friday, where Malema made these remarks.

“Like [Nelson] Mandela, like [Mangaliso Robert] Sobukwe, like [Chris] Hani. Castro to us was like [Steve] Biko, like Winnie Mandela. Castro to us is like Robert Mugabe,” said Malema.

He added that when people are friends they tell each other the truth.

EFF Leader Julius Malema Advices Mugabe To Step Down


Julius Malema said that in order for Mugabe to save the revolution, he must step aside because zimbabwe is in need of a new progressive leader.

“Like Castro did, handing over power to his brother, President Mugabe must do the same.”

Malema who is known for his controversial take on politics did not refute Robert Mugabe’s legacy of taking back land from white owners. He said: “We are not ashamed of Robert Mugabe’s legacy. The legacy of taking the land.”

He added that just the same way the land which was taken back from the white owners belonged to the people of Zimbabwe was, in fact, the same way it applies to South Africa.

He further praised Fidel Castro saying that the party is inspired by Fidel Castro, we are inspired by anyone who can say to imperialism ‘go [away], this will not happen in my country’.”

The EFF, as well as other political leaders, will journey to Cuba to attend Castro’s funeral set to hold on Sunday.


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