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“We Forge Ahead And Rule Them”: Zimbabwe’s Newly Sworn-in President, Mnangagwa

President Emmerson Mnangagwa said Zimbabwe is a darling of Africa as shown by the attendance and solidarity shown by SADC countries and his party would forge ahead going forward as his party will continue ruling.

Mnangagwa said this while addressing Zanu-PF supporters who had waited patiently to see him after he hosted a luncheon for visiting Heads of State and Government at State House in Harare a few hours after his inauguration.

Said Mnangagwa:

“Ndatenda nekuuya kwamaita. Sekuona kwenyu ndanga ndine mavisitors akawanda from all over. (meaning I thank you all for coming and as you have seen, I had a lot of visitors from all over).


Maona kuti nyika yedu inofarirwa. Hapana nyika iri muSADC isina kutumira mumiririri, tinotenda.(You have seen that our country is a darling of the world.There is no country in the SADC which has not sent a representative. We thank you).

Ikozvino seZanuPF tave kutarira mberi. I thank you makaramba makazvibata pamakaitwa provoked. (As Zanu Pf, we are looking ahead.I thank you for exercising restraint even when you were provoked).

Kuzvibata kwamakaita ndiko kwaita kuti tisvike pano dai makarakasha vanhu asi makaramba makazvibata.(Your ability to exercise restraint is what made us get here today you could have crushed people but you exercised restraint).

Tinoramba tichingofamba, tichingotonga, ngavatongeke, vagotongeka. Thank you.(We will continue moving forward, we will continue ruling, let them be governable and governable. Thank you).”


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