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“We Do Not Want to Live in Africa”: Czech Prime Minister Castigates Brussels

According to Andrej Babis, the events of Chemnitz in the former East Germany could be a trigger in Europe. In the face of the migration crisis, the Czech Republic still does not want to hear about the European distribution.

Commenting on the anti-immigration protests in eastern Germany , the head of the Czech government, Andrej Babis, has taken a strong stance on the European Union’s migration policy. “Chemnitz, is there, at the corner of the street!”, He exclaimed on September 2 on a Czech television set, quoted by the media Parlamentni Listy . “I have explained at length that this is a fight to preserve our European civilization and our culture. We do not want to live in Africa or the Middle East, “he continued, denouncing the efforts of the European Commission to get Prague to accept migrants.

And the Czech leader to evoke the latest images of migrants landing on the Spanish beaches, in front of the dumbfounded holidaymakers . “Europeans are shocked and scared. The same thing happened in Chemnitz, “said Andrej Babis.


The Czech Prime Minister will meet German Chancellor Angela Merkel on September 5, 2018, after visiting Malta, Hungary and Italy. The Czech Republic, like the other countries of the Visegrad group , are in direct opposition to Brussels migration policy.

The European Union has tried unsuccessfully to establish quotas for the distribution of migrants between member countries, while Italy, Greece, Malta and now Spain remain in the front line of illegal immigration channels from North Africa.


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