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“We Both Enjoyed The Pleasure” – Famous African Footballer Reveals His Infidelity, Admits Cheating…. (Photos)

Ghana’s Black Stars captain Asamoah Gyan admitted to cheating his wife, Gifty, with another woman who accused her of v * l to extort money from her in 2015. Gyan and Sarah Kwablah, a Ghanaian ‘He met on social media had s3xual reports in his apartment when the footballer was staying in Ghana for the preparation of the African Cup of Nations in 2015.

The lady who had a camera hidden in her room, recorded this moment and then used the video to blackmail her. She accused Asamoah Gyan of lying with her by force.

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Sarah and Osafo Anthony, a journalist, and Chris Handler, who is a blogger, were arrested and charged with conspiracy because they asked Samuel Anim Addo, the agent of Asamoah Gyan, to avoid a possible publication of the video. They were tried for trying to extort 25,000 Ghanaian cedis.

In an interview with Gyan on ‘Delay Show’, the Shanghai SIPG striker revealed what happened between him and Sarah Kwablah.


Search result for "gyan asamoah et sarah kwablah 2017"

“She sent me a message via social networks and we became friends, so before the African Cup tournament in 2015, I came to Ghana and we met at STC where I train and because That I am married, I presented her as a friend to my colleagues and after training, we went home and that’s where we slept together. “

Although the captain confessed to having had sexual relations with Sarah, he denied any charge of rape.

“I would not deny that I slept with Sarah Kwablah, we all enjoyed this moment, but she falsified the story by accusing me of being a victim. We had a good time together. “

According to him, the lady and her family made these accusations in order to extort money from her.

Gyan also revealed that he had confessed the truth to his wife with whom they had three children.

“I told him the whole truth about the incident. She understood me because she knows I will not lie and she forgave me. I would not have any grudge against her if she had decided to ask for a divorce, “he said.


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