“We are Going to Finish the Job”: Trump Officially Launches His Campaign for a Second Term

Since Orlando, Florida, the 45th US President, Donald Trump, has announced his candidacy for the November 2020 US election. New slogan, inspired by the precedent, in the form of a promise: “Keep America great again”.

“I officially launch my campaign for a second term,” Donald Trump told reporters on June 18 in front of some 20,000 Republican political supporters gathered in Orlando, Florida, USA. AFP evokes “the shouts of joy” that were heard in the crowd. This kickoff marks the beginning of a battle that will end with the one-round presidential election in November 2020.

The current US president has pledged to “keep America great again” after promising her surprise victory in 2016 to restore her greatness (“Make America great”). again “). “We got there once, we’ll get there again. And this time we will finish the job, “said the head of state, promising” an earthquake at the polls. “

Donald Trump then greeted one by one the members of his family who accompanied him and his Republican allies present in the room.

In his speech, the 45th President of the United States also accused his political opposition Democrats of being guided by “hatred” and claimed that they sought to “destroy” the country: “Our radical democratic opponents are guided by hatred, prejudice and rage. They want to destroy you and they want to destroy our country as we know it. Not acceptable. It will not happen.” 

In addition, Donald Trump blasted the big American media, which he called “fake news”: “I said it was a very big room for a Tuesday night, and I said, you know, if we have three or four empty seats, the “fake news” will titrate “he did not fill the room”. “


The re-election candidate also praised the economic health of the United States, one of his main strengths ahead of the upcoming poll: “Our country is moving forward, prospering and growing, and frankly, it is flying away. to new incredible heights. The whole world wants our economy, which is perhaps the best economy in the history of our country. “

Donald Trump also praised the foreign policy under his presidency, particularly regarding the choice to “recognize the true capital” of Israel by placing the US embassy in Jerusalem and applying new sanctions to Israel. Iran, choices that had been widely criticized around the world. On the charges of collusion with Russia, the US president also denounced a “witch hunt” that would have cost $ 40 million according to him and he said: “The Democrats are not interested in Russia at all. They are interested only in their own political power. They attacked my family, my business, my finances, my employees; almost everyone I met or worked with But in reality, it’s up to you [the public] to attack them. That’s all. They want to erase your vote, erase your contribution to the biggest campaign of the greatest election in the history of our country. “



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