“We are Building a Wall or We are Closing the Border”: Trump’s Ultimatum to the Democrats

While negotiations with the Democrats on the financing of the wall on the Mexican border skate, the US president has threatened to simply close the border if the budget for its construction was not voted.

Donald Trump does not intend to back down on the construction of the wall on the Mexican border, a flagship promise of his election campaign. Opposed to the Democrats on the issue – whose agreement is essential to validate funding – the US president has already resolved to a partial shutdown of some administrations, lack of agreement.

Far from weakening the head of state’s resolution, this situation seems to have further strengthened it. In a message posted on Twitter on December 28, Donald Trump has threatened to move up a gear. “We will be forced to close the southern border completely if the obstructionist democrats do not give us the money to complete the wall,” he wrote, also asking what changed “ridiculous immigration laws” from his country.


In a later message , the White House tenant explained that he was ready to go to the end of his logic, assuring that it was a “profitable operation”, the United States having a trade deficit of $ 75 billion with Mexico. “We are building a wall or we are closing the border,” he said twice more, threatening to cut aid to Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala, which he says do not do anything in their country to prevent illegal immigration to the United States.


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