Wayne Rooney: Here’s Why His Wife, Coleen Rooney Will Never Leave Him

Coleen, the wife of the international English footballer Wayne Rooney, may have abandoned his wedding ring, but the people close to the couple say she will never leave her “infidel” husband Wayne Rooney because of her deep love for the family and its religious beliefs.

Although fans joked that Coleen will stay with Everton striker for his £ 80 million fortune, his friends revealed that Coleen will remain with the one who is her husband for nine years because she loves him as well as his family.


Rooney ended up in dirty sheets when the media revealed that he was sleeping with prostitutes while Coleen was pregnant with her first child, Kai – born in November 2009.

The couple also has two other sons – Klay and Kit were born in May 2013 and January 2016 respectively.


Relatives say that Coleen will stay with her husband because she refuses to give him a hard life and give her a lesson.

”  She loves him, but beyond that, she loves the family. Most of the time, he’s a good husband and a practical father ,  said one of Wayne’s companions at The Sun.

“A few years ago, after one of her other silly mistakes, she gave him a big sermon and asked if she could ever leave him. She was forced to admit that divorce is not something she would like to think of. “

Coleen is very religious and comes from a Catholic family, her parents Tony and Colette are always ready to help and her brothers are very close to Wayne.

At one time, the couple was on the brink of collapse after the Manchester United ex-scorer was accused of drunk driving. He was caught driving a Volkswagen, with a party girl Laura Simpson, after a well-watered party.

Laura said she would have engaged in sneaky relationships with Wayne if he had not been arrested by the cops.


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