Wausi Muinde, A Kenyan Policewoman Shoots Herself To Death!

One police officer,  identified as Corporal Gaudencia Wausi Muinde shot herself dead while at work at the JKIA.

Muinde was on duty at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi, Kenya when she ended her life. She is reported to have used her pistol to blow her head off in the airport’s bathroom.

Corporal Muinde is believed to have been enduring some setbacks in her life. This was further confirmed by a Facebook post in which she said;

“Life is so difficult when you live in a world where everybody is planning evil against you and what happens when you can’t hold it anymore strength to support the few people who love and cherish you? You are left with no other option other than…. So help me God.”

Muinde’s facebook is now filled with condolence messages regarding her departure.


The airport police unit deputy, Commandant Rono Bunei expressed shock at her death. He said she had not shown any signs of being frustrated.

“She had been on leave and resumed work today (Wednesday). She had been well with her colleagues and did not show any signs of being frustrated. We later learnt she shot herself in a toilet here,” commandant Bunei said.

Kenya’s Standard reports that she had removed her beret, swagger cane, leaving them at the Control room before going to the bathroom. A gunshot was heard moments later and upon an investigation of the noise, Muinde was found dead on the toilet seat still tightly gripping her pistol.

Her body was later taken to City Mortuary.

Muinde’s death is a reminder that the mental health of employees should be looked into as people do not necessarily look like what they are going through and most times, work ethics requires employees to smile and look welcoming even when they are dying inside.


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