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Water Is The Best For Toilet Clean Ups, Using Tissue Paper Causes UTIs- Recent Study Shows

Utilizing dry bathroom tissue for cleaning drops feaces, which opens one to urinary tract infections (UTIs), specialists have affirmed.

The recuperation comes after another disclosure by the American specialists that dry bathroom tissue “moves poo, yet it doesn’t expel it”, which makes ladies to create UTIs as the microbes moves to the urethera.

Dr Ekwaro Obuku, the leader of the Uganda Medical Doctors Association (UMA), affirms that one should utilize both tissue and water for cleaning. “Bathroom tissue expels the excrement while the water cleans everything altogether. Be that as it may, in our setting where a great many people don’t wash their hands in the wake of going to the can, the most critical thing is to urge them to do as such,” Dr Obuku says.

“I think it is better we use both… it is disgusting to touch the faeces directly … first clean with tissue then use water for thorough cleaning,” Ms Kasule says.

However, others argue that using water alone is not practical since it would mean they have to touch the faeces directly.

“Toilet paper would do better because it can dry easily other than water … it is hard to use that bare hand to wipe,” says Ms Allen Nakanwagi, an entrepreneur.

Dr Vincent Karuhanga of Friends Polyclinic in Kampala emphasises that using water or wipes would be the best if one can manage to wash their hands well after visiting the toilet.


“What is true is that 70 per cent of the bacteria that causes urinary tract infections come from the anus, and pure wiping is one way in which it can be prevented,” Dr Karuhanga states, adding that toilet paper makes it[the faeces] to stick there and that many people have hair in the bums.

Recent statistics from the Mulago Hospital obstetrics and gynaecology department have also indicated that at least five cases of UTIs are registered on a daily basis, with doctors arguing that women are more exposed because of the proximity of the urethra to the vagina.

Yet, Dr Charles Kiggundu, a gynaecologist at Mulago Hopital, in a recent interview, said some women have a habit of cleaning themselves from the anus to the vagina, hence increasing chances of getting infections.

In most cases, it is usually Muslims who use water for cleaning after relieving themselves as dictated by the Islamic toilet etiquette as opposed to their Christian counterparts.

The same etiquettes, however, recommend the use of stones in the absence of water.

Worse still, most families in Uganda, especially those in rural areas, cannot afford toilet paper and many improvise with leaves and sometimes stones.


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