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Watch What Happens When A Priest, A Rabbi And An Atheist Smoke Weed Together- Things Got Pretty Fascinating!

Dope, marijuana, grass, ganja, weed, whatever you may call it, like many things in this world it is a rather divisive issue.

Countries like the Netherlands, Uruguay and parts of the USA have all legalised the plant for recreational use. More and more countries are starting to view marijuana as more of a money making opportunity instead of a criminal act. Is that a wise move?

Well, that’s a topic for another day…

Here at home, our government could legalise medical marijuana usage before we are even halfway through the year. Figures from the cost of the local war on drugs revealed that for the 2014-15 years, the government spent R3.4 billion just on stopping marijuana trade and usage etc.

Not only do we hear each religion’s thoughts on the herb, we also see all kinds of humorous exchanges. With the rabbi and priest not being weed experts, it’s up to the atheist to show them how to get the job done.


The three get talking on a wide range of topics from the differences between religions and even aliens.

As the weed kicks in, things take a spiritual turn as all three men share their own version of positive blessings for each other. The video truly shows how people who appear to be so different can actually come together and realise just how much they have that connect them. Check The fascinating video….

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