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WATCH VIDEO – President Jacob Zuma Speaks On Xenophobia Attacks!!

Transcription: Said Zuma, “well, firstly that is a debatable point whether South Africans are xenophobic.  I don’t think we have those numbers of foreigners. And I don’t think you would sit for years and years without any burst out, if South Africans were xenophobic, in the majority of cases only when there are such incidents where people take the law into their own hands. And generally people who take the law into their hands because they don’t have places to stay etcetera, and also the kind of employment they have, if for an example, you look at how it has been done in other areas where they open a lot of businesses, it becomes so obvious that the numbers are too big; and with time, people begin to feel what is this; you will recall an incident in Soweto they were having shops, nobody ever thought the foreigners have got shops here until a young man was trying to steal and a foreigner shot him and that became a problem, so you can see what is it that makes the kind of situation get out of hand; I feel the numbers of foreigners in South Africa are far more than the numbers Europe is fighting…”


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