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Dallas Protest: Watch the Video of One of the Snipers Shooting at Police officers; 5 Officers now Confirmed Dead

One of the snipers involved in killing 5 police men and injuring 6 others was captured on video shooting at Police officers. In the video recording shared online, the suspect was first seen inside a building, then he is seen on the ground floor where he proceeds to shoot at Police officers. At a time, he even turned his gun on the person recording the shooting, luckily the person wasn’t hit.

One suspect is still holed up in a High-rise building exchanging gunfire with the Police at the moment. The Dallas police want to capture him alive so they could get some details from him, so they are trying to negotiate with him but it doesn’t seem he wants to negotiate with them. The death toll of the police officers killed has now risen to 5 and 6 injured. Watch the video below:




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