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(Watch Video) CORRUPTION IN SENEGAL: Policeman Trapped By Girls.

A video showing a police officer on duty in the traffic Ndakaaru toured the canvas, since yesterday, especially Facebook. The video, which was filmed with a mobile phone, features a cop who controlled youth in traffic. He then grabbed the papers of the car pool where the girls were, before starting to write a ticket they have to pay once to the police against the sum of 6,000 CFA francs. But this is where occurs most comical. Because the girls were negotiating with the police that he let them go. But in vain. Finally, they offer him a sum of 2,000 CFA francs. A ticket that the cop refuses to take. And there it takes more.


“No one must give me 3,000 CFA francs. Since the ticket is CHF 6,000, you pay half,” he said. So, after much negotiation, the girls heard in the video eventually break by paying the sum of 3,000 CFA francs. The policeman who was unaware he was being filmed then took the money. The girls ask him, after collecting the money, tear strain of the contravention. And there he did better than the tear, the policeman simply put in his mouth before chewing! But he loses nothing by waiting. Listen carefully!

Source: Allodakar


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