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Watch: Thief Escape Goes Hilariously Wrong as Prisoner Gets Stuck in Cell Door

Firefighters use vegetable oil to try and free a prisoner wearing just his underwear after he gets stuck trying to climb out of his cell through the food flap
A man got stuck trying to escape from a police station cell through the food flap
Firefighters poured vegetable oil on him to try and free him, but it didn’t work
They eventually have to use a hydraulic tool to free the man from the hatch
The prisoner was put in a cell after trying to steal from a jewellery shop in Brazil


The clip begins with the firemen pouring vegetable oil on the man, before the firefighter speaks to the camera
They then talk tactics before attempting to slide him out of the food hatch in a police station in Brazil
They then try to close the cell door to pull the man out, which doesn’t help. The prisoner can then be heard screaming and crying in pain

Watch the video below:



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