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Watch The Heartbreaking Moment A Nigerian Man Discovers He’s Not The Biological Father Of His 32-yr-old Son!! (Video)

In what has been described as the most heartbreaking episode of The Jeremy Kyle Show, a Nigerian man, identified simply as Oscar was left in tears after he discovered that the child he raised for 32 years is not his biological son.

The son, Valentine had brought his father, Oscar on the ITV daytime programme after his mother revealed a month ago that the man who had brought him up may not actually be his dad.

Oscar brought Valentine to England from Nigeria and put him through school. Both men were determined to know the truth, so Jeremy did a DNA test on the two men to find out the truth, and it tragically turned out Oscar isn’t Valentine’s real dad.

On finding out the news, Oscar let out the most heartbreaking wail…in what has been described as the saddest ending ever.

“He’s not my son?” he asked

However, Jeremy did his best to ease their pain, saying :

 “Being a dad isn’t about being blood-related. It takes a man to look after a kid.”

Oscar and Valentine had earlier said that no matter the outcome of the DNA test, “nothing will change” in their relationship.
More photos and the video below…

Oscar paid for Valentine to come over to England from Nigeria, and ‘put him through school’ in Britain

Watch the heartbreaking video below:

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