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WATCH: South African Man Accuses Catholic Priest of Sexual Abuse in the 1980s

A South African man who gave his name as Williams, has in a press conference, accused a Catholic priest – Father Bill – of sexually abusing him, starting from when he was 13-years old.

The man made this known during the press conference organised by Women and Men Against Child Abuse group on South African broadcaster eNCA.

He met the priest, who he said has “now returned to the United Kingdom” when he was living at a homeless shelter in Johannesburg in the 1980s.


He said the priest took an interest in him, buying him clothes and also taking him out to eat.

He said that the priest also promised to enrol him in a private school and one night.

One night, the priest invited him for dinner to celebrate his enrolment in a school and told him he would sleep over, he said, adding that it “was fine”.

“… but when we were in the room instead of offering me orange juice, an Appletizer or a Coke, he offered me a whiskey.”

He said the priest began reminding him of all the “good things” he had done for him as soon as the alcohol began to take effect, adding that the priest said the “good things” came with a condition.

“All I had to do was just give him a bit of pleasure,” the man said, adding that he had to perform sexual acts on the priest.

Another priest “took advantage of me,” he alleged in the press conference.

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