Watch How Robert Mugabe Bows At A Portrait Of Himself

Granted, the portrait was of a much younger Mugabe, so he might not have recognised the handsome mug staring back at him.

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe was caught on camera apparently bowing to a portrait of himself, during Independence Day celebrations in Harare on Monday.

In an Al Jazeera video clip, the 92-year-old leader can be seen driving around the National Stadium in Harare, when the open top vehicle he was standing in stops briefly in front of his portrait while inspecting the guard. Mugabe is then seen to be bowing at the picture of him.

Thousands gathered at the stadium to celebrate the countries 36 years of independence.

Last year the southern African leader’s actions caught on camera made headlines when he fell down stairs as he walked off a podium after addressing supporters at Harare International Airport.


Mugabe had just finished his homecoming speech when he tumbled to his knees on a short flight of stairs in an incident witnessed by journalists and hundreds of supporters.

He was quickly helped up by aides and walked to a waiting car.

source: News24


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