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WATCH: R. Kelly’s Ex-Wife and Daughter Speak on Sexual Abuse Allegations

Drea Kelly, ex-wife of R. Kelly and their Joann sat down with Good Morning Britain as they talk about his numerous accusations of sexual assault.

Drea talked about him being a broken man when they met, adding that he shared his stories of abuse with her, as well as his struggles.

Drea says her comments are coming from a place of understanding but she’s also speaking out because she’s a survivor and an advocate

She said she believes he’s abusive verbally, emotionally, sexually, and financially as he’s stopped paying child support.

Joann, speaking of the allegations, said amidst all that’s going on, he’s still her father and she’s sad all this is happening.


She added that the singer does not contact her, adding that “it’s been a while” since she saw him.



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