WATCH: President Obama can’t close Guantanamo, so how easily will Ghanaians take on America’s problems?

The US has been transferring some of the remaining Guantanamo detainees to third-party countries. Ghana agreed to take two of them. So I wanted to find out ‘how willing are Ghanaians really to help someone out of a sticky problem?’. Hidden cameras on the streets of Accra say it all!

One of the promises that President Obama’s not yet been able to fulfil is the closure of the detention facility at Guantanamo bay.  He’s been frustrated by Congress which doesn’t want suspected terrorists brought onto the American mainland.  So the US has been transferring some of the remaining detainees to third-party countries, some in Africa.  Ghana agreed to take two detainees and that’s where What’s Up Africa’s Ikenna Azuike’s been testing how easily Ghanaians are likely to co-operate with American foreign policy.


Satire series What’s Up Africa is a BBC and RNW Media co-production.

It’s broadcast on Wednesdays and Fridays on Focus on Africa on BBC World News & partner stations across Africa from 1730gmt.

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  1. Can the US offer this kind of help and maybe that speaks boundaries to the kind of help that Ghanaians are willing to offer in return but you know some people they always come with an agenda and usually it’s about the forward progression of themselves learning this when mentioning America is key for where ever you go but nice try on speaking for the poor that stay about their daily hustle(Ghana just continue to say no to homosexualism this just may be another plot)

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