Watch Moment Crane Lifts ‘World’s Biggest Snake’ That Was Found In Dominican Rainforest


A recent video that was shared on social media showed a crane lifting what has been described as the “world’s biggest snake.” The reptile in question was supposedly found by workers who were clearing an area of rainforest in Dominica, The Sun reported.


The video, which was posted by TikTok user Fakrulazwa, has since garnered millions of views. In the footage, a digger can be seen lifting the huge snake – which is about 10-feet long. A man who was videoing the colossal lift could be heard saying, “My mother, what?”

The snake was reportedly alive at the time it was lifted. But what happened to it after the discovery cannot be established. Some Reddit users who saw the video reacted to the snake’s size with amazement.

“That looks like some world record s**t,” a user said. “For real. That thing’s actually jumbo,” another user shared.

Dominica, which is nicknamed “the Nature Island”, is home to several wildlife species including the lethal boa constrictor. The snake can grow as long as 13 feet, The Sun reported.














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