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Watch Michelle Obama’s Powerful Message For 2017 High School Grads And Future Students

If you’re graduating this year, Michelle and Barack Obama are really proud of you.

Former First Lady Michelle Obama spoke onstage during MTV’s 2017 College Signing Day on Friday, continuing her commitment to pushing for higher education for American kids.

Michelle Obama also made a great surprise with a taped message on Good Morning America Monday.


“To all the students in this graduation series and across this country, I want to congratulate you for reaching higher to get the education you need for the life you want to live,” she said.

“And to all the young people out there who are still figuring out your next steps, I want to encourage you to keep working as hard as you can and to empower yourself through higher education,” she added. “And then get out there and use that education to give back to your family, your community and your country.”

“Thanks so much and congratulations again to the class of 2017!”



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