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Watch: Meteorologist Comes Under Fire for Saying Haiti Deforested because “Children Eat the Trees”

Weather Channel Meterologist Jen Delgado has found herself in a hurricane of trouble and criticism for her comments regarding events surrounding Hurricane Matthew.
During her live television report on Hurricane Mathew on Monday, Delgado noted that Haiti faced additional risk because the country had fewer trees than the Dominican Republic. She explained:

“That’s because this whole area has been essentially deforested”. “They take all the trees down, the burn the trees. Even the kids there, they’re so hungry, they actually eat the trees.”

She received backlash from twitter for her inaccurate comment:





Weather Channel CEO David Clark apologized for the error by writing:

“We are terribly sorry for an on air error and are taking measures to correct it,” Clark wrote. “It should not have happened period.”

Watch the video below:



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