WATCH: Iraqi Soldiers Paraded the Daesh Militants Captured Half-n*ked in the Streets!!


In Iraq, the army leaves the last fighters of Daesh of Mosul. Activists were paraded half-naked in the streets of the city, while others were piled up in armored vehicles.

Meanwhile, more air strikes are taking place in the Old City to bypass ambushes and get rid of explosive traps.


However, Lieutenant-General Stephen Townsend of the United States fears that Daesh will take another breath and warned the Iraqi government to ensure that it does not happen.

According to him, the Iraqi government will have to reconcile with the Sunni population and make them feel that it represents them in Baghdad.

These warnings come as Daesh militants fled Mosul to capture the village of Imam Gharbi using guerrilla tactics. US and Iraqi troops are busy regaining control of the cities invaded by the jihadists.



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