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Watch: Hillary Clinton Insults A Young African American Voter

Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton is on her way to her parties presidential nomination, in part because of her popularity with the African American community. However, the former Secretary of State continues to draw fire from democratic critics for a perceived insensitivity toward the black community.

While campaigning in Minnesota, Clinton came face-to-face with one such critic. The unidentified Somali-American confronted Clinton over past racial remarks, including calling gang-members “super-predators” during a speech she gave in the 1990’s.


“You know what, dear? You have a different opinion,” Clinton told the young woman, adding, “Well, why don’t you go run for something, then?”

Watch the moment unfold:

Source: hannity


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  1. she doesnt give a rats ass about blacks, all she wants is there votes its the only chance she has once she gets them , she wont even remember there names….she is such a bitch

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