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Watch: Gambian President, Yahya Jammeh Calls President-elect To Concede Defeat

Gambian ruler Yahya Jammeh has conceded defeat to rival Adama Barrow after the presidential polls.

Gambia’s electoral commission says opposition candidate Adama Barrow won an upset victory in the country’s presidential poll, beating longtime ruler Jammeh after 22-year reign.

See video of him conceding defeat, just as Nigeria’s former President, Goodluck Jonathan did after the 2015 presidential elections:





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  1. But what of this smallish millitary private soldier who just hoped to clinged to Power for 22 years. What has become of him. This is Power alcoholic. Dont he read history. About bokasa, Idi amin, Gadaffi, Saddam Husseien, Sese Sekko. campaore etc, etc. Those guys were Heavy and strong and the country was much more than 2 million but Gambia a population of 1.5 like my District and you HaHya, you smallish whic ECOWAS can put you in his Pocket. let 20 january 2017 approaches which is just at the corner, He will ran away and hide With either crabs in their holes or rat in their porch. He is only bluffing. No vote again. no vote. we will never have any vote. The GCE is already conducted and you have failed. Move away and ley us have a New teacher to run the institution. 22 years and not satisfied. Bye Bye Jammeh.

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