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Watch British TV Presenter Host Live Show In Only His Boxer Shorts After Losing Bet!!

Former British footballer and sports show host, Gary Lineker lived up to his promise over the weekend by presenting Match of the Day in his underwear, after losing a bet he made in December 2015.


The former footballer promised football fans that he would wear only his pants on the first Match of the Day show of the new season, if Leicester won the Premier League last time out.

And fascinatingly, Leicester produced the most remarkable story in football and managed to win the league by ten points.

That bet was made in December, following the Foxes’ 2-1 win over Chelsea, with the Leicester native convinced his former club had ‘zero chance’ of winning the title despite going top of the league. The rest is history.


Lineker started the show wearing just what looked like large Leicester boxer shorts, with Ian Wright and Alan Shearer laughing in the background. You have a hard audience to please Gary.

However, Lineker stuck to his guns and carried on wearing the pants on the programme, barely changing out of character.

There had been plenty of debate recently as to whether Lineker would present in just his pants and the answer became clear when he did indeed honour his part of the bet.

Watch how Lineker presented the show in only his underwear.



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