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Watch Black Woman’s Terrifying Video After ‘N**ger B-tch’ is Spray Painted on Her Property

A Black Campbellsburg, Indiana woman woke up to racial slurs plastered on her car and storage shed Wednesday, July 20.

Facebook user Mia Frias-Russell live-streamed her reaction to seeing the racialized graffiti found on her property. A week after the posting, the video has been viewed 6 million times and has received 134,000 shares.

The words “n—–” and “b—-” were painted on her SUV and shed overnight, according to her. Since the posting of the video, Facebook users have accused the woman of doing the heinous acts herself for attention and fame.

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However, an associate of the Indiana woman says that is far from the truth. Brandi Nicole Dimas told The Daily Dot the video didn’t go viral until she started sharing it.

“They vandalized her house and her vehicle to no repair, and for people to accuse her of doing this herself is unreal,” she told the news outlet via Facebook.

According to The Salem Leader, an investigation has been launched.

Campbellsburg marshal Claude Combs said, “This kind of stuff is not right, it’s not tolerable and when we find out who did it, they will be charged criminally.”

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