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WATCH Black American Lady Blast Nigerian Man For Talking Bad About Donald Trump

A Nigerian man who is an Uber driver in Switzerland got more than he bargained for when he dared to air his opinion about US President Donald Trump.


The Nigerian man had picked up two black American ladies visiting Switzerland from the US. While taking them to their destination, he engaged them in talks about US politics and condemned President Donald Trump.
According to the ladies, they were in Switzerland for a day and had asked the Nigerian man for some locations to visit and during the ride the Nigerian man said ”Your Trump has f***d up your country.”


One of the ladies got so pissed that she went hard on him, reminding him of how bad Nigeria is and how he should go back and focus on developing Nigeria.

”How can you speak about Trump as a president when your own country in Nigeria is wack..and what I am not understanding is that you had to migrate so you can have some money and have a descent economy. You had to migrate all the way to America and now you stay in Switzerland but you want to talk about my President. Don’t talk about my President, worry about yourself.


I hope you are helping your people back home. I hope you didn’t leave them high and dry because Nigeria is doing so bad.  You can never speak about my President, you can’t!”


Continuing, the lady said

”That’s the problem with these foreigners. You hear the fake news and the first thing you all want to do is insult Americans. Listen, we Americans love our president. Maybe you all don’t see that but who gives a damn. He isn’t your president, he is my president.


Go back to Nigeria, go back to Africa where your country is trash. Go help your people in Africa.


How do you have the audacity to talk trash about America when you are from Nigeria? Let me tell you something about the African continent . First of all, the African continent is dirt poor. They got maybe about 10 countries that just got Uber and that’s a big deal. Most of the countries in Africa are third world countries. You got people in Africa killing each other left and right, their Presidents are straight up communists and not socialists, they take what they can for themselves and get you to pay for it. Let’s not talk about Boko Haram and what’s going on in Nigeria, the fact that it is predominantly Muslims. they are killing Christians left and right.


And on top of that, if you come from Nigeria, most of time, the rich ones come to America and if you come here, you are scamming because most of them in Nigeria are scammers.

The reality is you cannot talk trash about America”


The Nigerian man had to end their trip when he could no longer tolerate her verbal abuse on him.


Watch the video below:



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