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WATCH: Bill Cosby’s Team Claim He’s A Big Star In Prison


Wyatt described Cosby’s Wednesday morning phone call to his wife, Camille, and how guards were hesitant to interrupt inmate NN7687.

He also has a few theories as to why the 81-year-old is being treated with kid gloves … peep the clip above and hear what he has to say about the matter.


Meanwhile, former stripper-turned advocate for sluts, Amber Rose, hopes Cosby drops dead after he serves his prison sentence.

Rose went on a lengthy social media rant after Cosby checked into prison to begin serving his sentence for sexually assaulting a woman at his home in 2004.

“If Bill Cosby raped and drugged any of you Women/ Men that I’ve been seeing on the Internet standing up for this RAPIST or your mamas you would be scared to say something too Because you would assume that no one would believe you,” Rose wrote.

“Sh*t, I would actually be scared to say something because his entire life he has been put in such a positive light. That’s why he got away with it for so long!” she added.

“We should be praising these women for showing us exactly who he is. I hope he doesn’t die in jail I hope he does the full 10 years and then dies the day he gets out Justice is finally served! Shame the rapist not the Survivors. Byeeee ”

As an added bonus, Jess Hilarious had time to check Amber after she wished death on Cosby… watch below.


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