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Watch: Best Everyday Routine for Ladies With Thick Brows in 5 Steps

Taming thick eyebrows; a different routine from the slim barely there ones should be perfectly done.

A lot more ladies prefer their brows full, sometimes unshaped but worked around tidy enough to suit the face shape and the overall makeup look to be done at every point in time.

Shayd BatalBlogger Shayd Batal loves her thick brows


With thick brows as in regular common defined shapes, it’s important to tame and define them as well to suit the face shape and work with a look one is going for to neaten the area enough to make the face pop.

Shayd BatalBeauty blogger Shayd Batal shows off her defined thick brows



To define thick brows for everyday, check out these steps:

1. Brush the brows (in their natural line)

2. Define the brows with a definer, pencil etc gently filling in (where necessary) towards the natural direction and shape.

3. Brush the brows again (with a spoolie brush) to ‘distribute’ the product used

4. Define with concealer (below and above) and blend seamlessly to neaten the area

5. Proceed with other makeup steps as desired.


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