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Dead End ‘Traffic Jam’ Forces Indonesia’s President, Joko Widodo To Trek To Destination- Photos

 Indonesian president, Joko Widodo, was headed for an imperative state occasion, when he was stalled out in a road gridlock. This constrained him, and his security detail to escape his auto and walk 2 kilometers to get to his goal.

Indonesia’s notorious traffic congestion was on display for the world Thursday after the country’s president was forced to walk two kilometres through the scorching heat to attend a military parade.

Widodo and senior government officials were held up by gridlock as they approached the military parade in Cilegon, a port city about two and a half hours drive from the capital Jakarta, the presidential palace said.


After a 30-minute wait, “the president then decided from inside the car that he would walk,” Widodo’s guard Ili Dasili said in a statement.


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