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Watch!! 6 Foot Long Snake Slithers From Under Hood Of Moving Car!!


That headline alone creeps me out.

On his commute home in Clearwater, Florida, Tim Mokwa watched a six-foot long black snake emerge from under the hood of his Hyundai.

Mokwa did what every other red-blooded American male would do.

Except me.  I’d have screamed like Mariah and given my heart and soul to Jesus.  


Dude immediately pulled into a parking lot, pulled out his phone and took pictures and a short video of the embodiment of Satan slithering on his sedan’s hood.

“I did close my AC vent,” Mokwa admitted.  “I was like, ‘I do not want it to sneak in this car.”


I would think not, dude.

With his affinity for snakes, Mokwa sounds more like Mowgli fromThe Jungle Book.


“We used to catch snakes on purpose,” Mokwa said.  “It used to be a contest, who could catch the most snakes in one day when we were kids.”

If a six-foot serpent slithered out from under the hood of my car, the only contest I’d have been eligible for would have been a speaking-in-tongues contest.

Mokwa believes the snake hitchhiked aboard his car sometime during his kayaking trip the weekend prior.

“Snakes come natural in Florida just like rain in the summertime,” Mokwa calmly intoned.  “I’m just glad in wasn’t poisonous.”

Not so fast, Mowgli!  Commenters on your Facebook page looked at your video and suggested it might have been a venomous water moccasin, also known as a cottonmouth.

Lord. Help. Me. Jesus.

See for yourself in Mowgli’s video below, compliments of MailOnline:


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