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Watch! 10 Horrible Things Found Growing Inside People

10. Unborn twin A man from India had spent his life with a bulging belly. One day it prevented him from breathing and end in a hospital because he thought it was a tumor. When the doctors cut into the man, they were shocked it was the mutated body of the man’s unborn twin inside his stomach.

9. Brain food A woman was sent into an emergency room after she started experiencing numbness in her arm and blurred vision. Doctors believed there is a tumor in her brain stem. When the woman was taken into surgery, the doctors were shocked to find a parasitic tapeworm wriggling in her brain. Probably she had eaten food contaminated with feces carrying the parasitic worm egg.

8. Growing toothache A man shocked the dentist when he visited a dental surgery complaining of a severe toothache. The cause of the pain was a sprouting guava plant, which had been growing out of a cavity in the molar.

7. Pea in the lung An older man from Massachusetts had been suffering from a shortness of breath for months and ended in the hospital with a collapsed lung. X-rays discovered there appeared to be a pea plant growing in his lung. It was guessed that the pea accidentally passed into his lung and grew into the 1.25 cm plant.

6. Dandelion girl A nearly 2 year old girl was taken to hospital crying in pain after spending months suffering from an apparent ear ache. Doctors discovered that a flowering dandelion was growing in the girl’s ear canal.

5. Guinea worm disease The victims became infected with this disease after drinking from water contaminated with the Guinea worm larvae. Once ingested, the larvae mitigate into the intestines before growing into worms almost 1 meter long.


4. Hairball An 18-year old woman was vomiting after every meal and it caused her losing 18 kg in 5 months. During this period, she developed a painful, swollen abdomen which was filled with a large mass. This large mass was actually a giant hairball filling the entire stomach, due to years of the woman eating her own hair.

3. Monster tumor A mother and her unborn baby almost died when a “monster” tumor in her chest began feeding off her pregnancy hormones. The tumor was covered in hair and teeth, so hence the name.

2. Fir man A 28-year old man was coughing blood and experienced harsh pain in his chest. When he was rushed to the operating theatre for a biopsy, the surgeon found a fir tree sprouting in his lung, pressing against his capillaries.

1. Potato in vagina A woman was sent into hospital for her abdominal pains, but doctors were surprised to discover that the cause of the pain was a potato that had sprouted inside her vagina. She told the doctors she put the potato up there as contraception. Anyway, the problems began when the spud sprouted roots and started to grow in her reproductive organs.

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