“I Wasn’t Attempting Suicide,” – Ethiopian Maid in Viral Kuwait Video Speaks

Ethiopian Maid

An Ethiopian maid who survived a seven-storey fall in Kuwait has said she was attempting to save herself rather than be “killed inside that apartment away from people’s eyes”.

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The maid was filmed by her employer as she hung from a window ledge last Thursday – the video quickly went viral.

“Hold me, hold me”, the domestic worker can be heard crying out in the video. The employer can be heard replying, “Crazy, come” but did not help the woman.

A moment later, the domestic worker lost her grip on the window and fell from the building, landing on what appeared to be a small building with a soft roof that cushioned her fall.

“I wasn’t trying to commit suicide, I was trying to escape from the woman who tried to kill me,” the unnamed maid said in a video posted by Ethiopian media this weekend. She was speaking from hospital where she is being treated for a broken arm.

The Kuwaiti woman was arrested for not helping the Ethiopian maid, who was rescued by paramedics and rushed to hospital.

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UPDATE: Kuwaiti Woman Detained For Filming Ethiopian Maid’s Suicide Attempt Without Helping

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