Washington Post: “The US Will Face Russia And Iran In Syria” 


The  Washington Post said it was  “indispensable” for US and Israel military intervention in Syria.

Along with the meteoric advance of the Syrian forces and the Resistance on the battlefield in Syria, the American press seems to have begun to prepare public opinion for direct military action in Syria. “US and Israeli military interference is sometimes necessary. And the Syrian case seems to be increasingly part of these necessities, “says the newspaper, which returns as if to justify its argument, about the recent slaughter of a Syrian hunter by American hunters in the south of Raqqa.


“The fact of shooting down a Syrian hunter is indeed the first act of US war in Syria. The United States has no choice but to defend its interests, “the paper notes, without explaining what the American interests are in the event of a direct military interference that would confront it against the powerful allies of Damascus to know Iran and Russia.


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