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I Want Back Stolen Money, Not Cameron’s Apology – Nigeria’s Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari said he would not be demanding any apology from British Prime Minister, Mr. David Cameron over his gaffe, describing Nigeria, along with Afghanistan, ‘fantastically corrupt.’

Instead, Buhari said he would demand action from Cameron, by returning Nigeria’s stolen money and assets stashed in the country.

Muhammadu Buhari made his frustration clear as he addressed a Commonwealth conference in London this morning in the wake of Mr. Cameron’s toe-curling gaffe.


Buhari this morning refused to criticise Cameron directly when he was asked about the blunder at the conference.

Instead, he said he expected the UK to help him reclaim Nigerian assets that had been fraudulently stripped from the country.

‘I am not going to demand an apology from anybody,’ he said. ‘What I am demanding is a return of assets … This is what I am asking for. What would I do with an apology? I need something tangible.’


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